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Gold Filled Bracelet


Annabelle’s Collection

These 14kt gold bead bracelets pair beautifully with every look. They are stunning on their own, stacked, and also with other bracelets!

Designer Annabelle Marvin was born in Sydney, Australia and raised in Sydney and then La Jolla, California. She now lives in Greenwich, Connecticut with her husband of 25 years, and three sons. “We all live such busy lives and my jewelry line was born out of wanting to look ‘put-together’ and be classically stylish, but with an active lifestyle in mind.”


Additional Information


3mm, 3mm w/ 6mm, 3mm w/Green Agate, 3mm w/Pink Agate, 3mm w/Tigers Eye, 4mm, 4mm w/ 3 Bars, 4mm w/1Bar, 4mm w/Apatite, 4mm w/Moonstone, 4mm w/Oval, 4mm w/Pearls, 4mm w/Pink Agate, 5mm, 6mm, 6mm Baroque Pearl, 6mm w/ Tigers Eye, 6mm w/Baby Blue Agate, 6mm w/Lapis, 6mm w/Moonstone, 6mm w/Pink Agate, 6mm w/XL bead


3mm, 3mm w/ 6mm, 4mm, 6mm, 5mm, 4mm w/Bars, 6mm w/Lapis, 6mm w/XL bead, 4mm w/Pearls, 3mm w/Pink Agate, 3mm w/Tigers Eye, 4mm w/1Bar, 3mm w/Green Agate, 6mm w/Pink Agate, 6mm w/Baby Blue Agate, 6mm Baroque Pearl, 4mm w/Pink Agate, 4mm w/Oval, 4mm w/Apatite