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OTG 247 #1



Use this size to run errands with just your essentials…credit cards, phone & keys.  Add the 12” Removable Strap to make a wristlet or an armlet or the 48″ Removable Strap for a crossbody. You can also use the 12” Removable Strap to keep your valuables safe by hooking it directly to your tote or around the handle. AND Sports Fan, this bag is stadium approved!  GO!

5”W x 8”H
Brass zip top closure with custom brass knot pull
Vegan waterproof leather
Wipe clean waterproof lining
Exterior hooks for removable strap
Includes 12″ and 48″ Removable Straps


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Abby Camo Gray, Abby Camo Navy, Black, Caki Leopard Gold, Colleen Stripe Gold, Crissy Python Navy, Crissy Python Tan, Double Nudie Black, Double Nudie Navy, Double Nudie Tan, Double Nudie White, Elena Frond White, Green, Holly Skull Navy, Holly Skull White, Hot Pink, Keaton Geo Navy, Lucy Geo Hot Pink, Lucy Geo Navy, Navy, Nicole Dot Gold, Nicole Dot Hot Pink, Nicole Gold Dot, Orange, Python Navy, Shay Stripe Black, Tan, White


Caki Leopard Gold, Colleen Stripe Gold, Nicole Gold Dot, Hot Pink, Lucy Geo Hot Pink, Nicole Dot Gold, Python Navy, Abby Camo Gray, Abby Camo Navy, Elena Frond White, Holly Skull White, Lucy Geo Navy, Nicole Dot Hot Pink, Black, Navy, Orange, Tan, White, Holly Skull Navy, Shay Stripe Black, Crissy Python Navy, Double Nudie White, Green, Crissy Python Tan, Keaton Geo Navy