Located on the coast of Connecticut and less than an hour from NYC – our décor boutique houses a colorful assortment of home furnishings and gifts sprinkled with chic fashion accessories. Our Flagship boasts an amazing and ever changing assortment of vintage and one-of-a-kind décor and jewelry. We travel the globe to find these treasures! Our visitors look for the infamous #pinktag to spot finds all over the shop! We also offer embroidery monogram for many of our items in shop.

Nestled in the back of our Flagship is our in-shop café – filled with a daily collection of petit desserts and charming treats —all locally made. It’s a place to pop in when your sweet tooth needs a fix; a spot to linger over a macaron, a cappuccino and good read; a place to have a conversation and pick up the best chocolate chip cookies ever for your dinner party. Because sometimes there’s nothing better than a little bit of sugar and butter. Inspired by, and dedicated to, the generations of passionate bakers in Elaine’s family and their recipes, our café is very much a love letter to them all - for always letting her lick the spoon and encouraging her to set up camp in front of the oven to “watch the magic.”


Founded on the idea that a home’s finishing touches are the hardest to find, KIRBY AND COMPANY was established in 2014 by Elaine Kirby. After 12 years at the creative helm of Juliska, she set out to create a place where she could fulfill her desire to have a décor boutique full of color, happy objects and a few confections (she inherited a love of sugar and butter from her grandmother). The result is a destination for people who want to find those things they need to complete a room, adorn an outfit or surprise a friend with an unexpectedly personal gift.

We obsess over color.
We obsess over dessert. (A lot)
We think our chocolate chip cookies are the best. Period.
We believe in the therapeutic powers of baking.
We believe every item in your home has a story...or will soon.
We believe in messy children.
We still think we are children.
We believe in snapping up vintage costume baubles. Always.
We believe in huge happy grins.
We believe in dancing silly every day.
We believe in all flowers. (A lot)
We believe dirty dishes can always wait until “tomorrow.”
We believe in wearing your grandmother’s charm bracelet.
We believe our family and friends are everything.